february eveningtwo feathers

A quiet Sunday here. A. is still preoccupied with wolves and so am I.

The dark one and the leaf-like one will be up tomorrow (Monday).


Velma Bolyard said...

it's a treat indeed that you are back here so we can visit, all the while mothering. i am so glad that you are.

pencilfox said...

i am quite drawn to these two dark feathers.
am reading "H is for Hawk"….have always been taken by large predator birds.

good job.

Eva said...

Thanks for visiting, Velma. Good to see you again!

I'm the same with birds of prey, Marie. I love to see them. There are sparrowhawks even here in the city and peregrines nest in a nearby tower.

Tina said...

Your work is stunning. I found my way here from judy martins site today. I am so glad I did. I will make a purchase at some point, I must own was of these exquisite designs. I have looked at your flicker account and have been reading through your blog!