Wolves and Falcons

wolves and falcons

Fur and feathers. Friend or foe?

This series is a revisting of 'shells and feathers' from several years ago. It is about human relationship to animals that goes back a long way. So long in fact that these animals have become a part of the psyche. The falcons and wolves of dreams and imagination appearing as messengers, helpers and guides or, if not given their due, as persecutors and dangerous demons.

This necklace was dyed with tannin and iron, possibly some of the oldest dyes used by mankind. It closes with a toggle in the shape of an ancient crescent moon made from copper, textured and given a patina.

I'm putting this in the shop tomorrow (Friday) evening.



pencilfox said...

so beautiful.
the differences in colour, front to back, most perfect.
and that toggle.

wow. simply, wow.

martine eckert said...

very beautiful

Eva said...

Thank you!