An Offering

an offering

For him of the stone heap, guide and guardian who watches over transformations.

This past year I've been reading a lot of Jungian psychology. I just wish I had found it earlier in life. Anyone else out there interested in Jung?

That woodfired cup is one of my favourite possessions. It is of earth, went through the fire which gave it a heart of glass inside. It was made by the French artist Eric Soule.


Anonymous said...

My mother is a great connaisseuse of Jung's work and taught me quite a bit about it. I cannot express how happy and excited I am today, as I found out your blog and shop are up and running again. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful art with us! <3

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

My teacher and mentor in college was very into Jungian psychology, in fact most of her work was based off its concepts and ideas. I've been feeling a pull now to dig a little deeper into it. Would love to hear snippets of your thoughts in this space. Also, I know I said it before, but I'm so happy you're back here!

Debbie said...

I don't know much about Jungian psychology though did read one volume of his complete works on religion years ago. I do like the idea of a collective unconscious.
Would be good to know more of your thoughts.

pencilfox said...

yes, jung.
and yes, that cup.

Eva said...

Thank you.
I haven't read much Jung himself but other Jungian writers (Marion Woodman, Von Franz, Robert Johnson, Lopez-Pedraza ...) The philosophy really fits in with my experience of life and gives me a way to understand it that I find very meaningful. Suddenly things make sense that didn't before. I've always had vivid dreams and was interested in fantasy and imagination and Jung has given me a reason to take them seriously as the language of the unconscious.

Kathi Roussel said...

I have always adored Jung. I especially love his theory about the collective unconscious. So glad you brought this up. Now I'm inspired to go and dip back into the well. It's been too long and I could stand some inspiration.

Also wanted to add that I am so happy to find that you are back to your work. I've been a long time admirer and just by chance noticed today that you had posted something on your blog. Then I discovered that you had current work available in your shop. I was lucky enough to purchase the last available piece--- by the skin of my teeth! Best wishes -- I look forward to seeing more!

Unknown said...

I, too, am delighted you are back!