Wings of Longing

wings of longing

This necklace is part of the Journey series, a story of an imaginary journey following a star into the desert and back again.

"We've gone as far as we could," announced the guide one evening. "Tomorrow we'll fly."

There lives an imaginary bird known as Wings of Longing that will, if the time is right, take one to one's heart's desire. Not that we flew as far as the star but like carefully shooting an arrow at it it made the aim even clearer in our minds.

The wings for this necklace are made from indigo dyed silk. It is the darkest blue I ever achieved and was dipped in the vat many times. I then added layers to the colour with other dyes. The copper arrow functions as a toggle that closes the necklace and the faceted black beads in decreasing sizes suggest the increasing distance.

In the shop tomorrow (Tuesday).



Tina said...

This is a beautiful piece of work! I love indigo-and this is a very dark piece with the light inside-just beautiful!

Your work continues to wow me deep in my soul.

Mona said...

I just love everything about this piece. It's perfect!