Red and White

red and white

Colours that caught my eye in the garden. I wonder if the red tulip petals would leave a mark.

There are three new feathers this week but sorry to say the two with the stones are spoken for. The purple one is in the shop now.

I don't know where the hours go... Time to collect A. from preschool again.



pencilfox said...

perfect little photo composition.

love your work. always.

Lauren said...

By gosh, the one you posted went quickly! I would have purchased it...

joanne headington said...

You could try "pounding" the petals between two layers of pre-mordanted fabric. It worked for Iris petals, and crocus petals - without too much fading either!

Eva said...

joanne - thanks for the tip! I tried it with crocus when they were in flower but the colour rinsed right off... and I left them to cure for a few days. Maybe just bad luck.