Working with the Blues

working with the blues

I came home from holiday and found the indigo vat well reduced and ready to dye. So now I'm working with the blues.

It's been an interesting few weeks. At first it snowed and then turned summery. An inbetween time of opposites. I've been reading about psychological alchemy and visited Rudolf II's alchemical laboratory in the cellar of a very old house.


Anonymous said...

Eva, such a wonderful color. I stay tuned:-) Have a good start into the week, Inge

v said...

how exciting to both hear about and see these Beautiful Blues : )

it's good to have you back Eva,
wishing you a good start of this soon coming new week.

pencilfox said...

wow. really??! an actual historical alchemical laboratory?? amazing….

those are some beautiful blues, eva….


Lauren said...

Excitedly awaiting to see what you will do with these. Such good blues you've made.

cloudgathererholdmedown said...

spiritual alchemy is where's it's at!

from a long time secret admirer - it's nice to see you back here.