Stars Above Stars Below and Mercurius

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I've become quite interested in alchemy. Looking at all the puzzling alchemical emblems and reading the cryptic descriptions is leaving a mark. So here are two on that theme.

"Heaven above
Heaven below
Stars above
Stars below
All that is above
Also is below
Know this
And rejoice"

Firstly, this necklace that plays on the idea that heavens are reflected in the earth. That herbs and other plants correspond to celestial bodies. That transformation in one sphere effects transformation in the other.

These two pieces of fabric wanted to be together. They have been joined by smocking in three ordered levels and bedecked with small beads representing the stars or flowers. The edges are left raw for a subtle halo. Four crystal stars mark each side of the chain.

This piece is reserved but there is also:



This is a celebration of Mercurius, the indispensable mysterious substance that can bring about the union of opposites, the alchemical marriage of King Sol and Queen Luna and their transformation.

It was dyed to a soft grey and decorated with mercury-like beads. The smocking connects the two poles - the golden orb of the solar king and the silver sceptre of the lunar queen.

It will be in the shop tomorrow (Tuesday).



Josie said...

Stunning pieces and your photos are fantastic

Eva said...

Thanks, Josie.