Calendarium : June

calendarium : June

Part of the Calendarium series in which I make a piece every month dyed with whatever I find outside at that time.

In June a lot of eucalyptus leaves fell in the garden from the neighbour's tree. A. helped me collect them and they were certain to go in the dye pot. The silk for this necklace was first steamed and then dyed with eucalyptus, rose and birch leaves. It gave a pleasing old gold colour. Then I wanted something darker for the centre, forgot I was making a Calendarium piece and reached for the humble but always useful onion skins. Not found outside but perhaps capturing June's slightly distracted flavour. Bumbling with the bumble bees...

The silk has deep pleats and the round shape of a flower. The centre is decorated with a large number of movable 'stamens', each embellished with a golden bead. The chain closes with a toggle composed of a red circle - a symbolic wreath of roses and a golden magic wand.

This is a mandala-like golden rose of the philosophers hinting at the perfect goal completing the alchemical opus.

In the shop on Wednesday.

philosophers' roseUntitled


Tammie Lee said...

gorgeous and magical
i enjoyed reading about how it came to life

Dar Presto said...

Very lovely. Your work is so thoughtful and beautiful.

Lauren said...

the silk looks delicately crisp, like silk organza, and the dye-color is wonderful. i also love the clasp. well done!

Sonja♥ said...

I'm speechless.... WaoW!!!!
I love also your rara avis coral and waiting everyday for a newcomer ;)

Sandies' Patch said...

Love the 'antique' effect. x

Eva said...

Thank you all for the thoughtful notes, I appreciate your appreciation.
Sonja - I'll work on it after my holiday :)