Calendarium : July

calendarium : july

Part of the Calendarium series in which I make a piece every month dyed with whatever I find outside at that time.

This piece of silk was dyed a lot more than it might seem at first glance. Eucalyptus and cherry leaves have been falling and I made the background with those. Fuchsias and lobelias are in flower and steamed they left red and blue marks. Then a bath of home-grown dyer's chamomile added a gently glowing yellow. It overshadowed most of the subtle flower prints but their memory lives on in the fibres regardless.

It turned out to be a nude sort of colour like bare feet in the grass and the feeling of a warm breeze on bare skin. Flying on the simple and carefree wings of summer.

The wings have a feather-like ruffled edge and are quite densely smocked. A row of golden glass beads catches the sun.

They are going in the shop now. Normally I would wait a day or so but I'm leaving for the weekend tomorrow morning so it has to be now.

wings of summerUntitled


Jenny M said...

your work & words are beautiful as always.

Eva said...

Thank you, Jenny!