Lessons of the Labyrinth

white horses

It was a magical time. One evening the waves turned into white horses. Another night the bay was an alchemical vessel where the big red sun setting into the ocean stood directly opposite the full pearly moon rising over the hills.

Every day I drew large labyrinths into the sand and then walked them. The path turns and turns around the outer circuits and just when the pilgrim starts to lose faith there are two breakthroughs that take her right next to the centre. Encouraged she walks on only to be lead further and further away again. She may begin to despair but if she trusts the path it will soon take her right to the heart of the labyrinth but not before she has faithfully covered its entire surface with her footsteps.

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pencilfox said...

how fortunate you are, to create a labyrinth and walk it....

i love this post. truly.