Blue Moon

blue moon

Recently I felt like learning a little about the basics of astrological thought. Houses, cusps, planetary rulers, squares and trines... An ancient artform. The wheel of the zodiac seems like a rotating gameboard on which you cast the dice of the celestial bodies.

This necklace was made during the recent blue moon. It takes the shape of a small amulet bag to carry a pocketful of the moonlit atmosphere or any other mementoes you might have.

The crisp organza silk was dyed with several plants including indigo to create the impression of a moody night sky with an illuminated band in the centre. It's pleated and smocked with added shiny white moon-like beads. They are vintage and I'm not sure of the exact material but it is a natural stone, my guess is white agate.

This will be in the shop tomorrow (Wednesday).



Lauren said...

This is beautiful -- I love it!

Jenny M said...

gorgeous work ~ funny, that you mention a blue moon, my daughter & I were discussing the saying 'once in a blue moon' today.

Eva said...

Thank you, Lauren!

I love a coincidence, Jenny :)