They felt like a flurry of feathered wings.

Not for dyeing but for making salve. First step: calendula infused olive oil.

infused oil for making salve


pencilfox said...

that colour.
i used to not be an *orange* girl but now i love it.


rtquilter said...

Sooo glorious! They DO feel like feathers in your hand. I assume you grew them. Must add them to my list for next year. I haven't grown them for a long time! I think you should maybe be Mediaeval. You're very attuned to that way of thinking, seemingly:-)

Lauren said...

Your photos -- such good light, color and contrast -- this is why I like your blog even when there's no stitchery to be seen.

Eva said...

Marie - likewise :) Things change.

rtquilter - Thank you, I do like the medieval aesthetic. I grew the marigolds thinking there won't be enough but now I have a marigold jungle.

Thank you, Lauren. I only post the photos that turn out like that, many don't :)