Under the Wings

under the wings

Whether we call it an angel, a spirit guide or our higher self. Whether it resides in the imaginal realm, in the objective reality or the depth of our unconscious psyche. There is guidance and protection to be found if we look for it.

This necklace is an interpretation of wings as an age old symbol of protection. I first played with the idea several years ago.

A ruffled, wing-like edge, dense smocking, opalescent beads.

Will be in the shop tomorrow (Tuesday) together with two feathers - a blue and a green.

I have one more piece to be listed this week and am working on August Calendarium. The following week I'm leaving on holiday again and will be back at the end of the month.



Sandies' Patch said...

This is superb! Love the colours and the protection too! xxx

Eva said...

Thank you!