The Grimm's fairy tale 'Allerleirauh' tells of a princess who is hoping to avoid marriage and asks her father for three dresses: one golden as the sun, the other silver as the moon and the third resembling the starry night sky. To her dismay the royal father or rather his weavers (and dyers and embroiderers) manage to produce the dresses. She escapes to another kingdom where she lives in disguise and charms the young king at three balls, each time wearing one of the dresses.

The story forms the background to Marion Woodman's book 'Leaving My Father's House' and reading that I had the idea to make my interpretation of what those fabrics might look like.

I think I'll do a more detailed post on each as I finish taking their photos. They'll be available after that.

Today I'm also dying with fresh Japanese indigo. The silk is sitting in the dyebath looking turquoise and my hands are blue from kneading the leaves. Good times.


Lauren said...

such beautiful work, eva!

Jenny M said...

I love your story telling ~ the colours are stunning!