Calendarium : September

Part of the Calendarium series in which I make a piece every month dyed with whatever I find outside at that time.

The highlight of September was the Japanese indigo and dyeing with its fresh green leaves. Although it was also a time of harvesting goldenrod and elder berries and generally there's an abundance of dyestuffs right now I kept the focus on the unique turquoise of fresh indigo.

It had to be made into a small amulet bag as harvesting requires spaces for gathering and keeping. It is smocked with colours of autumn fruit and closes with a hook and a heart-shaped eye.

Perhaps it's for balancing the heart on the scales of Sun in Libra. (I'm still studying astrology and Libra and its ruler Venus have been quite busy during the month. Any astrologers among the readers?) The chain closes with a toggle decorated with faceted glass beads in two tones - copper (a Venusian metal) and clear.

The necklace is going in the shop tonight.

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