Japanese Indigo

This year I grew two potted plants of Japanese indigo. My own seeds were too old to come up so I bought seeds from Wild Colours. It was a different variety than what I was familiar with and interesting to compare.

The leaves were spikier, the seeds seemed harder to germinate and it hasn't flowered yet. I left a few stems to see if they flower before the frost.

I used the same fresh leaf method as before and the colour this time was much more green. I also boiled the spent leaves and dyed with those. Previously they gave a yellow but this time is was a golden cream.

In the top photo the darkest fabrics on the right are from the first dyeing. The greyish also has a layer of elderberries dye and the greenest of dyer's chamomile stems. The left hand pile shows the creams made with the leaves boiled and the pale silk on top came from the first main dyebath used the second day.


ronnie said...

they all look totally delicious! I have a packet of seeds to try my hand at growing indigo (and its just coming in to spring in my part of the world) --- I may have to give it a go now that I've seen your beauties!

Lauren said...

the colors are wondrous. you are so good at sharing with us. i appreciate that.

janice pd said...

I grew indigo in a pot this year, i was afraid it wouldn't have time to set seex before cold weather. It was behind everyone else's indigo in the ground. Just last week it started flowering after I fed it and watered daily. Next year I will put it in a bec and hope for better plants. Lvely colors!

pencilfox said...

such lovely delicate colours.


Mona said...

Lovely colours! I got japanese indigo seeds from you some years back, and got an abundance of plants growing in the garden now. If you'd like, I'd be happy to send some your way (when they're ripe).

Eva said...

Thanks everyone for the comments and growing tips!

Mona - thanks so much, I'd love to grow the offspring of my old plants again! Glad to hear they're doing well in your garden.