Red Wings and Gently Darker

Let me show you two pieces for this week.

Firstly, the wings of protection, this time in tones of red. The colours are coral, red, burgundy, gold and brown. There's the ruffled feathery edge and a golden beaded toggle to close.

Secondly, a deep indigo blue circle, densely smocked in blue and green, scattered with dark amber matt beads, velvety and dimly glowing. It has a golden beaded ring on the end of the chain and several ways to wear it. To me the mood of this piece is September-y when the days are getting gently darker and we are being eased into Autumn while the Summer sun shrinks in teh sky into a small seed to be sown again in midwinter.

Both will be in the shop tomorrow (Thursday).

1 comment:

pencilfox said...

oh, my....that deep bittersweet reddish-orange....i love that colour....it speaks to me of autumn and the slowing of life....