The Three Dresses

To make the necklaces based on the three fairy tale dresses I used two layers of crisp organza silk for each. The edge of the darker layer is left raw and turned up to blend in like rays or a halo.

The darker yellow for the sun was dyed with my home grown dyer's chamomile and the lighter with nettle tops. The moon is undyed white and a mix of steam printed flowers. The starry one is made with two shades of intense indigo.

The beads come from a wonderful bead shop I visited while on holiday in Prague. It was hard to choose from all the beautiful faceted glass, some in two tones.

So here they are all finished and will be going in the shop shortly.


pencilfox said...

they are each so very lovely....
and i love your stories with each post.

Lauren said...

these are STUNNING! they do look like dresses -- i can totally see that.

Eva said...

Thank you. I like the story and what it might mean.