Calendarium : October

Part of the Calendarium series in which I make a piece every month dyed with whatever I find outside at that time.

Inward and out, light and dark, doing and being... searching for balance as we swing into the other half of the year.

The October necklace was dyed with maple and cherry leaves I picked up in the garden. I steamed the colour in and then made a dyebath as well. The result is a mottled brown, some specks dark and some almost purple. The silk is pleated, smocked and heavily embellished with shiny, dark copper beads. There's a raw edge running through the centre of the semi-circle. The beads on the chain are two-toned in copper and olive green. The dark brown ones are from a vintage necklace and I believe they are bladdernut seeds that used to be popular in rosaries.

It will be in the shop on Tuesday.


Kerry O'Gorman said...

Wow...so lovely.

pencilfox said...

you captured october so perfectly....

Eva said...

Thank you, ladies! I do have the heart of autumn, I think :)