Autumn Fires

When the silk for this necklace was cooking in the last dyebath I forgot the dyepot on the stove. I came back to a sad black mess and cinders. My first reaction was to throw it all away, lamenting the wasted hours of work.

But then I washed it, opened it out and saw that it was beautiful. The fire gave it something I couldn't have given it. Yes, it was singed but workable. So I finished it and I consider it one of my best.

For me this was a direct experience of alchemy - my inner state changing as I watched the transformation of the material before me. Finding the nugget of gold in the hopeless waste of the blackness. Coming to accept an outcome that frustratingly differed from but was ultimately greater than the intended one. I nearly kept the necklace because it also reminds me of other inner fires blazing this autumn. Suddenly igniting. Burning all the dead leaves. Clearing up. Smoke getting in the eyes. Sitting with the ashes. But then it seemed that letting it go may be part of the fire's lesson.

It is an amulet bag dyed in a tapestry of autumn colours. The hedges here right now look like this. The clasp has a rounded triangular shape, triangle being the alchemical symbol for fire. There are 'sparks' flying along the chain and glowing from the rows of smocking. The silk is very lustrous, the pleats lush and soft.

Yes, there is fire damage on the top edge of the fabric. It is tightly held together inside the dense pleating and I guarantee the piece is as sound as any other.

I'm offering it up tomorrow as the Moon turns new in the alchemy related sign of Scorpio.


Kaija said...

This is a gorgeous one, indeed!

Lauren said...

Eva, everything about this one is SO BEAUTIFUL. I like it very, very much. The colors are glorious. As for the charred ends, I often put a flame to torn silk purposely -- I like that kind of edge.

Debbie said...

Exquisite, beautiful colours. I have also burnt a saucepan dry and got good results.

Eva said...

Thank you.
While I hope this somewhat lucky accident is never to be repeated I have also thought of burning the silk on purpose, Lauren. Good to hear it works :)