Phoenix Feathers

Also part of the recent conflagration was the material for two feathers (the earrings were not burned, they just happen to be the same colour so I'm listing them as well). Given that they survived fire, they surely must come from a Phoenix.

They are deep purple with a pattern of orange 'flames'. The chain is decorated with three beads for the three traditional stages of the alchemical opus - a vintage black Czech garnet for the blackness, a pearl for the whiteness and a small red garnet for the redness. One side of the loop of the feather is polished white silver while the other is oxidised grey. There's a spiral of gold wire encircling the two, uniting the opposites.

The burn is on the back and as before, it's held between the tight pleats so I can guarantee the pieces are sound.

In the shop on Saturday.


Felicity said...

they look just magical!

Eva said...

Thank you, Felicity.

pencilfox said...

you captured it perfectly.