Vanitas Revisited

I first made this necklace just before A. was born. Here's what I said about it then:

Vanitas is a genre of still life painting that depicts symbolic objects such as overripe fruit or fading flowers as a reminder of the ephemeral nature of life.

The beautiful paradox of these paintings is that contrary to their message about the futility of earthly pleasure the objects are often painted with a clear delight in their appearance.

I made this necklace to look like something out of such a still life. Heavy with juicy, dark red garnets it's formed from pleated layers of organza - one layer dyed with yellow cosmos and the other with elderberries. Where the orange shows through the dark purple it gives the material the look of iridescent shot silk.

This one was made for someone in particular but there will be more before long, in this colour combination and others.


Debbie said...

Beautiful piece

Tammie Lee said...

rich and exquisite