Calendarium : December

Hello in 2016! Life is back on track here after pausing for the holidays.

The first necklace this year is in fact one that was started in December and it's the missing twelfth Calendarium piece. Like its predecessors it's part of a series in which I make a piece every month dyed with whatever I find outside at that time.

In December I dyed the silk with some thorny brambles I cut back in the garden. The dye was left to oxidise for a few days. When the dyebath is left standing it can change or intensify the colour.

When I came to choose the embroidery threads I was reminded of myrrh, the precious resin burned as incense since atiquity, one of the most ancient scents. The smoke of the offering silently rising and connecting us to the invisible. It fitted well with the meditative, celebratory and hopeful mood at the end of the year. I used shades of amber for the smocking and finished the chain with nuggets of black onyx.

It will be in the shop tomorrow (Saturday).


pencilfox said...

hope your holidays were peaceful and restful, happy for all....

beautiful piece. so lovely.

i always treasure my tinctory feathers.


Cathy Cullis said...

happy new year to you Eva - as always a pleasure to get a moment to see your newest and beautiful work

Eva said...

Happy new year, both of you, and thank you for stopping by!