...yesterday's blue feather and new earrings. Now in the shop.


Vic said...

These are exquisite. Do you ever do custom orders? I would so love something like this.

It's been a long time since i visited your site. last time i did you were taking a break to focus on parenting. I'm so pleased to see you return to your craft.

When I first found your blog I was so inspired by your work that I read every word of it, and you started me on my natural dye path. I'm an indigo dyer, and i dabble with other colours as well.

Thanks so much for all your inspiration, I wouldnt lead the life I do now if I hadnt found your work.


Vic (bindandfold.com)

Eva said...

Hi Vic, thanks for getting in touch. It was exciting to look through your blog. I'm going to follow and wish I'd known about it long ago... been out the natural dyeing loop!

Do you mean the earrings or necklace? I'll be sure to make more of both and either it can be as a custom order or I can let you know when they are next available. Please email me if you'd like that (tinctory at gmail dot com).