Speaks in Whisper

I walk past a hedge of beech trees. In winter the branches keep the dry leaves and when the wind blows the hedge speaks in whisper. A lovely echo of the summer call of wind through the leaves.

This necklace is also like a whisper. It started as a January Calendarium piece but it turns out that I'm not going to continue with that project after all. Currently months pass far too quickly for that. (Well, that sentence only makes sense if you experience time as flexible...)

So here it is in February instead. An amulet bag dyed with eucalyptus, pleated and smocked with added beads. The chain is finished with sparkly faceted two-toned glass beads and speckled beads from a vintage necklace which are probably bladdernut seeds once popular in rosaries. The two are different but similar, an echo of each other.

Will be in the shop on Saturday.

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