Astrologically speaking, it's Pisces season. The astrological water element is strong. Sometimes Mercury in Pisces struggles to put to words the impressions, moods, dreams and images that float freely, permeate the mind and are absorbed by it. Their shape is ever changing, dependend on the vessel that tries to hold them.

This amulet bag doesn't have much of a story in words. When I see it I see a Reneissance painting of Venetian canals. Verdigris. A fishing net of stitches. An ancient water vessel.

It is made from silk dyed with plants, pleated and densely smocked in a wave pattern with added glass beads in old gold. Its shape is elongated like an elegant amphora. The colours range from blue, verdigris with specks of cream to dark reddish brown.

Will be in the shop on Thursday.


Tina said...

I really love this piece!

Lauren said...

that's just LUSCIOUS!

pencilfox said...

beautiful colours.