There are Violets in the Grass

There are violets in the grass
Daisies and forget-me-nots
I will not cut it
Whatever people say
No, I'll have the honey sweetness
And feast on it every day
Until the flowers are gone

Here's an amulet bag celebrating the astrological Taurus season (when the Sun and its companion planets, Venus and Mercury, spend time in the sign every year). Taurus is delight in the earth, the senses, in things we can touch and possess, the Spring taking root and growing wider, rounder and richer, slowly and steadily.

The shape of the necklace turned out rounded and generous, fit for gathering and storing the mood.

In the shop on Saturday.


pencilfox said...

yes, there are :: little violets in the grass. [i found *mine yesterday....]

Lauren said...

really lovely color -- you and your dye pots are magical.

Eva said...

pencilfox - I read about you violets :) This little synchronicity made me happy.

Lauren - thank you, glad you like it!