Red Berries

Only week two of school and my alarm didn't go off, woke up with a jolt from a dream about a book broken in half, got us ready within ten minutes, only a bit late, the gate still open. What a strange day. Feels so cold in the house.

Just finished another autumn brooch. This is a fairly large one and has those many colours that are just beginning to magically appear. Still plenty of green left. And those red berries punctuating it. Planted like kisses on the season's forehead.

In the shop on Wednesday.


Judy Martin said...

I think that your work is changing. You've always responded to season, but now there is a uniqueness to each necklace.
I would love to see an exhibition of photos of your work in a white gallery - all lined up along a tall white wall, like marks made by an animal in the snow in a horizontal line.
When you get cloeer to the marks, you see that each is a unique vision and is worn by a human.
Do you ever dream of such an exhibition?

http://lauren-tien.blogspot.com/ said...
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Eva said...

Thanks, Judy. To be honest, I've never thought of an exhibition. I like the idea of photos on a wall like animal tracks in the snow - leaving a gentle, non-permanent mark on the world :)