At this time of year, zestiness is a bit hard to come by. As I type, drizzle falls from the milky grey sky, dampening spirits and the already muddy ground.

So here's a zesty piece of perennial fruit from a faraway imaginary land. A pomegranate? A pineapple? Or it is the plume of an exotic bird?

The bright yellow shines through the blue layer giving it the appearance of shot silk. Both colours were dyed with my home-grown plants: the yellow with dyer's chamomile and the blue with Japanese indigo.

Designed to bring smile to your lips and spring to your step. In the shop today.


Claire said...

Oh my... exactly what's needed to brighten a dull, grey, January day... One of my favourites, I think, out of all your wondrous creations!

Eva said...

Thank you... that's brought a smile to MY lips :)