Sea at Night

Hello everyone, how is the weather where you are? We are in Pisces season and over here the earth is waking up and birds are gathering nest material and laughing at the sleet and the frequent blasts of freezing wind. The news is that after last week's half-term holiday, tinctory resumes regular updates.

Today I have a new amulet bag ready that is very Pisces and Neptune. It's indigo blue, smocked in blues in a wavy pattern, a smattering of silver beads like reflected stars. The shape is irregular like waves lapping on the shore edged by the soft sea foam-like texture of the frayed silk. The patterns dance on the water surface, there's the swell, the undercurrents, the eddies that hint at things hidden below.

In the shop tomorrow.

1 comment:

pencilfox said...

i can't say if blue is my favourite colour, or if green is my favourite colour.
but right now, *this blue is my favourite colour. xx