Wreaths and Stars

Two unusual listings have landed in the shop.

Firstly, an offering from my garden. The Imperfect Circle is a light and delicate wreath made from wisteria shoots. They were cut when young (giving the wreath the green colour), coiled and left to dry out to fix them in shape.

They can be hung like a line drawing on a white wall to remind you of the nature of imperfection and balance or used as a wreath base. Simply wrap or tuck fresh or dried plants around and into it to make an effortless wall or table decoration year round. I have used them around a candle on the Christmas table or with colourful leaves to celebrate Autumn.

And secondly, a hemisphere, a bowl holding a portion of the night sky. An alchemical vessel, a dish of star soup. What ideas does it stir? Does it hold, contain? Or pour out, radiate and transmit the cosmic frequencies as it rests on the wearer's heart?

This pendant is formed from a copper sheet, oxidised with a tracery of shiny stars scratched into the dark surface of the metal. The back of it is burnished to a shine over the pattern of lines and clouds of oxidation. It hangs on a silk cord that I dyed with indigo in my vat. The ends are knotted together and combed into tassels.


Laine Magazine Knit Along

Calling all knitters! Gregoria Fibers Ravelry Group is hosting a knit along for the summer months of June and July. Knitters are invited to join the group, choose a design from the lovely Nordic Laine Magazine and share their project.

While I don't knit these days I used to and this knit along is very much after my own heart (love the collar on the Lanes cardigan so would probably choose that). I have donated a prize together with many exciting other designers.

And if knitting is not your thing but would just like a little blue feather necklace (the prize I donated), head over to the shop because there is another one waiting there.

Have a lovely summer!



I don't have a coherent story for you today, just a bunch of images and impressions. Walking through a sea of tall, dry grass. A ritual headdress. Harvest celebrations. Granary. A sheaf. Wind rustling in dry grass. Silence.

This is a new brooch. To suggest the sheaf-shape, I experimented with forming the functional part into a triangle.

It's in the shop today.


Teal Shell

I'm feeling a bit lost for words lately... so I'll make it short and to the point.

New today: a shell in teal.

You can find it in the shop.

Bye for now.


Blue Blossom

I am very pleased with this pair of blue blossom earrings! They are a nice size but so light. The colours make me wish for summer. Easy like blue jeans and sandals. A candle lit in a lantern on a warm evening.

In the shop today.


Blue and Red

What I've been working on: two necklaces and two sets of feather earrings. In the shop today.

In other news: Spring is here and the garden is welcoming again. Time to take the sewing outside on the bench. It's warmer, lighter and full of flowers.


Melancholy Rainbow

A new Storyline bracelet this time in a multicolour variety. Dyed by binding places and overlapping them for different dye baths, somewhat like ikat or space dyeing. A muted, autumn rainbow telling a colour story.

In the shop now.


Woodland Walk

Woodland walk amulet necklace. This one was reserved quickly but I wanted to show the photos anyway.

When I'm ready to take pictures I always go out into the garden to see what leaves or flowers I can find that would resonate with the silk colours and this time there was a piece of fern that was a very close match. As luck would have it.


Sea at Night

Hello everyone, how is the weather where you are? We are in Pisces season and over here the earth is waking up and birds are gathering nest material and laughing at the sleet and the frequent blasts of freezing wind. The news is that after last week's half-term holiday, tinctory resumes regular updates.

Today I have a new amulet bag ready that is very Pisces and Neptune. It's indigo blue, smocked in blues in a wavy pattern, a smattering of silver beads like reflected stars. The shape is irregular like waves lapping on the shore edged by the soft sea foam-like texture of the frayed silk. The patterns dance on the water surface, there's the swell, the undercurrents, the eddies that hint at things hidden below.

In the shop tomorrow.


Sweet Honey

Today I have for you some freshly cut comb, heavy with honey.

In the shop in a minute.