Autumn Perspectives

This series is an attempt to portray some of the spectrum of autumn moods, as I see them here in England. From the first hard-to-describe, subtle changes, to the full blaze of coloured leaves, a touch of sadness at reaching a turning point and later the raininess, earthiness and dark bareness of near winter. The necklaces in this picture are arranged from light to dark, as it were chronologically.

autumn perspectives

For a long time I had the idea for overdyeing the pleated silk to create complex colours that are difficult to pin down and reveal a whole array of unexpected blended hues at closer inspection. I find colours like that very pleasing.

Dyeing with plants lends itself perfectly to this purpose because the colours seem to have a similar quality. As Rita Buchanan says in her wonderful book, A Weaver's Garden,
"Dyes from plants are not pure and refined but are blends of different colored substances. This impurity, I think, is what gives plant-dyed fibers such appealing richness and subtlety of shade. It also explains why plant-dyed colors 'all go together'. One color will dominate, but it contains hints of other colors."
I knew from previous dyeing experiments that that's true. What still surprised me was the array of colours I got and also their perfect autumness. The series then came together as if it wasn't me making it, which is a romantic notion but it tends to seem like that with projects I've been carrying round in my head for ages.

Over the weekend I just need to write the descriptions and the shop will be open on Monday.
Thank you for reading.


Margie Oomen said...

i am in love with your autumn palate so much
the natural dyes and shibori methods are so beautiful
I wonder if i might but a reserve on the indigo with goldenrod and tea dyed one.
I have been wanting to have one of your works of art for a long while.
Congratulations on your blog. It is as lovely as your handcrafted work.

Kate said...

These are just so beautiful. The spirit of autumn has been very much on my mind these past few days, and these subtle colours capture its essence perfectly.

shari said...

i really love the colors. such unique necklaces. so nice to find your site.

Eva said...

Thank you for visiting and the comments.

hannabirke said...

i'm so glad you have a blog now!

and i couldn't have put it better about the plant dyes - they are complex and wonderful and work so well together. i love the colors you are getting with overdying.

LavenderField said...

These colors are so incredibly serene, I really love them all. Congratulations on your work!

karyn said...

incredible colours! i am amazed everytime i see your work.

Lis said...

Wow. I knew that dyeing is an art, but you are really a genius at this. You NEED to make a book, featuring your swatches and photographs from nature.