Nebula: Sowing Stars

nebula: sowing stars

In hard-to-imagine distances in the universe there are clouds where the seeds of stars are sown.

This is probably the last piece in the series and it looks at things coming to fruition in the sky rather than on the Earth. It's made from a very dark blue piece of silk I've been saving from the days when my indigo vat was at its best. There's a band of dense smocking where the glittering stars hatch. More of them are sprinkled further along the triangle of the night sky. The chain is divided irregularly by large vintage beads in faceted black glass. They are of different sizes and form a sort of constellation around the neck.

This nebula can be observed tonight just over the northern horizon.


jen said...

beautiful work!

M+ said...

I feel happy to have found you and your work.
Your writing is consistently beautiful and meaningful: perfect reflection of your work.

You're a very beautiful person!

pencilfox said...

the sky in silk and beads and metal:

Conchi said...

Hola, es fantástico lo que haces, me gusta por ser original y tan hermoso, en realidad no hay palabra para decir lo bonito que es, un saludo.

Tribalis said...

Wow!!Amazing work you have!Congrats!

anastasia said...

the various sizes are wistful and lend a nice weight to the pendent. motherhood creates a time speed warp! enjoy it!